OH NO! fattys hate me! it is to scary forever!!!

all fattys hate me. what is my secret crime? i did not eat all the food. i did not eat all the babys. did i steal the bike for exercise fun? no. it is not my fault your hand is a beefball. OH NO the bellys WANT ME ANYWAY!

Deidra Babe (article at Seanbaby.com)
"oh hello i did try to sue miguel BECAUSE HE DID DISCOVER I AM A EAT CRIMINAL!!!" fart
Captain Fag!
"my penis gos in a butt. i hate you if you tell any one my penis gos in a butt!"
Boob Man!
"i have a boob. yes i am a man but i have a boob. ARG! mexico boys are the main enemey!"

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"I am part of the latin Exploshun. ALL the world HATES THE LATIN EXPLOSHUN. when the page was shit i get notes to say helo it is good. now I AM A LATIN EXPLOSHUN! the stupid shitretardeds all send letters MY FREND IS A FAG. PUT HIM ON THE PAGE! HA HA HA HA HA! and they send a photo that is not funny! Argh! Ernie my brother is a retarded homo. It does not mean he belongs on the webpage. i do not make the page to say your nofat friend is beef."
- Miguel

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