Foreword by outrageous funnyman Seanbaby:
"Fat Chicks in Party Hats started as an insane but inspirational Geocities site by a young hispanic boy named Miguel. It was a favorite at Portal of Evil, my secret volcano compound, and the home of virtually anyone with taste. Fat people hated it. Mostly because they couldn't eat it. Today, it stands strong as one of mankind's most impressive accomplishments, especially among accomplishments that involve fatties.

Miguel's existance is like an urban legend. It's rumored he's nothing more than a mass hypnosis trick or some kind of reflection off a fat person's swamp gas. But that's bullshit. Miguel is just a genius. If the part of your brain that makes up fat jokes had a foot, Miguel's would beat the shit out of you. Needless to say, I love him, and I'm not going to rest until he's the most powerful teenager in the world. He's no passing fad like the rest of his people and their latin explosion. One day Miguel will be able to point at you and you will fucking die. That's not a threat; it's religious prophecy."

I am Miguel. I still make every thing allot better. you may send a mail to say "YOU ARE THE BEST BEST BEST EVER!' to me but I only speak English for 2 years and it is fucking hard so shut up about my stupid english.

i am from Mexico and i live in california in a hat of a giant fatty. i do not have a photo of me on the page because i am a secret. maybe i am one of the lards in the up photo. maybe i am the suprise in the miget pants. it is a mystery. someday when i am fat and look funny in a tiny party hat i will ad a photo of me.

at first the page was some shit. but now i am a star because of Portal of Evil and Seanbaby. here are some mail questions i get to save time:

YES. my parents think the page is very very funny. Because they do not know what cunt means queen pretty! oh you still smell.

i am 17 years old

my old brother Ernie helps with the homepage code but i write all the captions. acept he wrote "howdy. i am a fag." because he is a copy bitch and wants to hump homo butts all day. (now ernie is a husband and must hide his homosex adventures. hello gina your husband is A FAG! oh it is all seanbaby code on the page now)

i find allot of the fattys on the internet. some people send in photos to help.

email me at

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